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Energieübertragung neu gedacht!

What does WPT-Systems do? Our innovative, individually applicable technology enables trouble-free
Wireless power transmission: People, walls and objects, even metallic ones, do not absorb energy.

The small and light transmitting and receiving units also do not affect electromagnetic fields.

An innovation that brings safety, flexibility and modernity to your product. Thanks to our technology, you can transfer energy to multiple receivers of different sizes and power classes, as well as in independent orientation and over longer distances.

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Die Innovation

Our technology offers new, unique possibilities that previously seemed impossible. It has
properties and also poses no risk to the user.

Long distances

The energy can be longer distances of up to 30 cm. At 6 cm, a Efficiency of 85% achieved.

Independent Alignment

We transfer the energy regardless of the direction in which the receiver and transmitters to each other. Therefore, our technology also in rotating systems for use.

Independent transmission

Our energy transmission is not Objects, persons or Walls still through electromagnetic fields Disturbed.

Multiple Recipients

In contrast to the Inductive or resonance method, offers our technology is the Possibility to use the energy with significantly less Energy loss to several receiver secon of the Transfer.

Ihre Vorteile


Safe compared to other systems.


Easy installation and large tolerances.


Transmission over distances of up to 30 cm. 


Through continuous further development more and more powerful.

Die Patente

WPT-Systems always strives to meet the highest standards. In addition to protecting our innovation, this is the driving force behind patent applications.

Our patent also stands for the loyalty and quality that we will naturally show your company in the event of a commitment.

We also offer different licensing models for your company.