The Team

Company history

WPT-Systems is a start-up founded in June 2018. As founder and managing director, Michael Zenkner steers the fortunes and strategic orientation of WPT-Systems. He is supported by Dr. Heinz Zenkner and G├╝nther Trautzl. As an expert, Dr. Heinz Zenkner assumes responsibility for the technological area. G├╝nther Trautzl brings the expertise in sales to the company.

The management

Michael Zenkner


Michael Zenkner heads the company and sets the technical development and strategy. The field of wireless energy transmission has fascinated him for a long time. Therefore, he has acquired extensive knowledge in this field both in technical and economic terms. Michael Zenkner was able to acquire the necessary experience in product management through active participation in technology developments and products in various companies. He has completed vocational training and supplemented his knowledge with various management seminars. Michael Zenkner is also studying international industrial engineering at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Dr. Ing. Heinz Zenkner

External consultant
Dr.-Ing. Heinz Zenkner is the developer of this technology. He has a particular interest in wireless power transmission, for which he has already developed several practical and theoretical concepts. He studied electrical engineering and received his doctorate in the field of applied quantum physics. For many years he has been a publicly appointed and sworn expert for EMC. In addition to numerous scientific publications, he is often active as an author in many works on EMC. In addition, Dr. Heinz Zenkner has worked as a lecturer at various universities, at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and at numerous seminars. For many years he has been involved in industrial electronics, from the first idea of a product to series production.

G├╝nther Trautzl

G├╝nther Trautzl is responsible for sales and business development at WPT-Systems. After studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Karlsruhe (graduated in 1974), he worked for over 45 years for large companies, medium-sized companies and start-ups, where he gained experience in development, marketing, sales and business development. He was involved in many innovative technology areas and led working groups in the high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, automotive technology, measurement technology, identification and location systems industries. He sees the field of contactless transmission of energy as both a new fascination and a challenge.

The management is supported by a development team of currently 10 people.