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This is precisely the special feature of the system here: no data transmission is necessary. This brings no advantages whatsoever to energy transfer and is therefore obsolete. Of course any form of communication (Wifi, NFC, LORA, etc.) can also be integrated at any time.

RED: Not required because the system is not a radio transmitter. Currently, CISPR11 and IEC61000-6-1/2 are applicable. Ggf. Anlehnung an CISPR/B/648/DC (Erg├Ąnzung zu CISPR 11 mit Anforderungen an die drahtlose Energie├╝bertragung mit Luftspalt)

Metallic objects do not have the necessary properties to absorb the energy of this transmission method

Within about 12-15 months a system including all product approvals can be integrated. In the process, the WPT system is optimally adapted to the required needs in order to save installation space and costs.