Energy Transfer rethought


Highly efficient wireless Energy Transmission

In a Patent-pending novel Method for wireless Energy Transmission, multiple wireless Receivers can be powered in any arrangement, regardless of metallic Objects.



WPT Systems enables wireless Energy Transmission to improve to the current State of The art. Our Technology can efficiently transmit energy to multiple Receivers of different Sizes, as well as in an independent Orientation and over a longer Distance. We achieve this with a high Efficiency and regardless of possible Transmission Disrupters, such as metallic Objects.

Multiple Recipients

Due to the WPT transmission method compared to, for example, the inductive or Resonance Method, Energy can be transmitted to several Receivers at the same time.

Independent Alignment

We always transmit Energy equally efficiently, regardless of the Position of The transmitter and Receiver. Only the Distance between the Transmitter and Receiver is decisive.

Great Distance

Even at Distances of up to 50cm, our Technology can still transmit Energy. At distances of up To 6cm, we realize an Efficiency of 85.

Independent of Transmission Disrupters

Without interfering with the Energy Transmission System, metallic, but also other Items can be brought between Transmitter and Receiver

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For us at Wireless, despite all The technology, the Focus is on people in the First. Therefore, our Vision is reliable and without Risks before Radiation for humans to Transmit energy wirelessly and.

New global industry standard

We aim to set new Standards in the Field of wireless Energy Transmission with our Technology. We enable use in completely new Areas of application and this to improve efficiency and thus save Resources.


Wireless Energy Supply for Implants


Simple Energy Supply of hermetically sealed Lamps


Energy Supply in hard-to-reach or polluting Places