The Innovation

The innovation

The completely new method for wireless power transmission of WPT systems has many decisive improvements compared to conventional systems: With our process, energy can be efficiently transmitted to several receivers of different sizes as well as in independent orientation and over longer distances. We achieve this to a high efficiency and independent of possible transmission disruptors such as metallic objects


Multiple Recipients

With the WPT transmission method, energy can be sent to several receivers of different sizes simultaneously for the first time.

Independent Alignment

The very high efficiency is only influenced by the distance between transmitter and receiver. Precise positioning is therefore not necessary.

Angular misalignment

An opening angle of up to 180° is even possible.


Thanks to the WPT process, precise positioning is not necessary.


A displacement of the receiver is possible without significant performance losses.


Transmission systems

Reception systems

If you need other performance classes, we can adapt the systems to your needs.
More detailed system specifications are available on request.

Demo system