Your Advantages

Your advantages


Compared to e.g. an induction system, there is no danger with our system. Metals and other objects do not absorb energy and have no effect. Even humans can easily reach into the transmission path.


Our system is easy to install and does not require exact positioning. This allows our system to be installed in mobile devices without any problems.


Compared to the induction process, our process offers much more performance at longer distances of up to 30 cm. The induction process provides maximum performance only at a distance of up to 3 mm.


Through continuous further development, our system is always increasingly powerful and efficient. Wireless power transmission is the future.

Areas of application


Our technology opens up new possibilities in medicine, such as charging a pacemaker without requiring the patient to undergo a complex operation.


Applications can also be found in the field of security technology: camera systems and security locks can also be supplied with energy through obstacles.

Charging function

The multiple connectivity of our system allows it to be used in larger charging platforms, in which several electrical appliances or Vehicles can be charged at the same time.

Heavy industry

Thanks to wireless Connection, our system can be easily installed in rotating devices, such as robot arms, without a cable break to have to fear.

In this video, we will show you how to charge an e-scooter wirelessly on a ramp at a distance of 6 cm.